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Perfume Pods – My White Orchid

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Perfume Pods – Le Angel 33

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Perfume Pods – Vanilla Rose

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Perfume Pods – Floral Bomb

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Perfume Pods – Wild Adventus

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Perfume Pods – Full Collection

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BBare’s Organic Natural Perfume Pods are made from only the finest natural & vegan ingredients that are comforting and delicate on your skin. Our little pods are the perfect size to take with you on the go, and stunning for subtle hints of freshness at any time.

It’s the small things that leave a lasting and luxurious impression, our Organic Balm lasts an extensive 3x longer than a spritz of standard perfume as this accentuates the notes into the skin, and settles in on a deeper level. Simply use your finger tips and apply to your pulse points for the full effect. Try our full Pod Collection for an array of your favourite fragrances.

8 reviews for Perfume Pods

  1. Leah

    Mancera one is my faveee! So fruity and gorgeous lasts forever!

  2. Emily

    My friend recommended this to me as I love creed but way to expensive to keep repurchashing whilst I’m at uni! I wasn’t too sure of the concept of a balm but I am hooked on this sooo many compliments please bring out more fragrances x

  3. Melissa

    CREED!! absolutely obsessed with how long this lasts definitely will be buying the full collection next

  4. Susan

    Had my reservations about this as I’ve tried perfume balms before and the smell just doesnt last as long as sprays BUT I’m so happy with these. If anything it lasts longer than my regular perfume and doesnt cost anywhere near as much…definitely rebuying in a month or so when it’s run out.

  5. Gina

    You need to make more scents pleasee I love these so much! Alien would be fab!

  6. Sophie

    Definitely my favourite smell! can’t believe how long it lasts, I was reluctant to buy a perfume in a balm form because I didn’t think the smell would be as long but I was so wrong!!!!

  7. Mila C

    Great buy would defo try others

  8. claud

    Loving the flower bomb perfume but I was so sad to see that a week after I’d purchased there was a sale on their website!! I was kicking myself!!!!! Deffo going to restock whilst this sale is on

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