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Interested in taking your passion for the beauty industry and turning it into a profitable business?
Ourselves and our partnered companies offer training courses in everything from brow lamination to body contouring and professional body & skin training for all you bosses in beauty.

Brow lamination is the most in demand treatment and one of the most on trend beauty treatments of 2020!

Not only does this treatment give your clients their dream fuller, thicker and fluffier brows, but also by offering this treatment it will dramatically increase in your salons profit$$$

Online Training

Training online is the quickest way to get your BBare business off the ground! Within 24 hours you will have access to your online training portal, be assigned a BBare Business Support Babe and your kit will be posted to you. It’s as easy as that!

Are you ready to start your brow business and turn your passion of beauty into a profitable business?

Academy Training

Book your academy training course and visit one of our recommended training providers worldwide or visit our BBare HQ in Manchester, UK.

(Due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer this service please choose our online training course or register to become a BBare Pro and be kept upto date on when this option will be available again.

Are you ready to start your brow business and turn your passion of beauty into a profitable business?

Implement a new revenue stream into your existing business and increase your salons profit$$$?

Or simply start, scale and smash your business goals, taking your career to the next level! Our online training platform gives you the flexibility to start your brow business




You can start your profitable BBare business right now in 3 simple steps!

Purchase your chosen kit for your online training.

See our PRO Q&A for information on Pro discount before choosing your package.


Receive your training login details within 24 hours.

Receive your kit and start brow transformations

What could be more EXCITING than starting your BOOMING BBARE BUSINESS?

What is included?

Bbare Kit (Kit contents depend on your selection)
Access to your own training portal.
Industry recognised accredited training certificate on course completion.
Discounts up to 40% off future BBare retail products.
Industry regulations Insurance partner
Marketing & branding material
Ongoing support from the BBare team.

What Will I learn?

Client care & consultation
Anatomy and physiology of the skin, hair & eyes
Contra-indications, contra-actions & precautions
Brow preparation
Application of brow lamination products
Brow design
Promotion of this exciting treatment
Health and Safety
Tutorial videos


The Intro pro kit has everything you need to start your brow lamination training.

Upgrade to the Pro & Retail Kit to maximise your profits stock our range of retail products.

There are BIG profits to be made with our brow kits  as an example our Pro & Retail Kit will give you a return of
Retail Sales Value £395.00
Professional Treatments Value £1,400.00
Potential Total Profit From Kit £1,795.00

Online training can be completed within 1 day with follow up case studies. 

Academy training is a half day course. 

Yes you can start your online training now. Shop Online Courses

Yes 100% you should never perform this treatment on a client without the correct training and insurance. Our professional products are only available to trained brow technicians.

Our BBare HQ is based in Manchester however we have BBare accredited academies worldwide. Please contact us to find you nearest location.

Yes you can, no pre training qualifications are required.

Yes BBare official technicians will get up to 20% off retail products. To find out more register for a pro account.

BBare was built with you and your business in mind! We’ve spent months researching and talking to brow technicians to find out what was missing in the beauty industry. We believe that not only have we designed BBare with these factors in mind, but we have also taken steps to surpass your expectations!

Every official BBare technician will be assigned a designated BBare business support babe who is at hand to help you make a success of your business.

Yes, you can request to convert onto BBare Pro products. If you have not trained directly through us you will be required to complete a conversion form.

The professional formula has been designed for salon use and can only be used by a trained professional. The pro formula is a fast action solution saving time and allowing you to manage your diary time more effectively. The home formula has been designed to be gentle on your brow hairs meaning it is safe for home use. The home kit is great for professional use if clients have sensitive skin or ultra fine brow hairs.

We also offer full body contouring with Brazilian Booty Lift and have a full range of body and skin courses coming very soon!

Yes, you can choose to check out with Klarna or you may qualify for government funding on larger purchases when combining with any of our other training courses – Start Your Business with Brazilian Booty Lift.

Yes our courses are fully accredited.

Yes we work with a partnered insurance company however your qualification will be recognised by other insurance companies.

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