Ladies. I get it. Our last few lash extensions are holding on for dear life, we’ve ripped off our acrylics, and we’ve been searching for the tan mitt we’ve not used in months. This quarantine life isn’t a life we were made for. We miss the trips to the salon, the 4 hour therapy sessions with our lash girl and nobody remembers what a curly-blow is anymore. We’ve been posting night out pictures from 2019 to make ourselves feel better and the highlight of our day is seeing Joe Wicks at 9am.

Hands up if you’ve been late-night texting your hairdresser ‘How much would you hate me if I box-dyed my roots?’ 

Is it just me missing my brow lady more than my own mum?! Any self-maintenance we did 4 weeks ago has either grown out, faded or dropped and we’re NOT OK WITH IT! 

Let’s re-wind a month ago, pre rona! 

Brow lamination had started to get real big! You’ve seen everyone on Insta with fluffy high-brows and you’re ready for a brow-upgrade. 

Fast forward and now your brows are looking straight out of a 2000’s Britney video and no amount of dip-brow is fixing it! You want brows fluffy and full and nothing you’ve got in your makeup bag is cutting it. 

Wouldn’t it be the absolute dream if you could laminate from home?

Well….we did that!

No need to wait until quarantine is over. We’ve got you girl!

BBare Home Lamination kit is gentle enough to use at home and in-between salon visits to keep your brows full, fluffy and fierce! 

What’s better is BBare products ingredients are completely vegan! Because being “VEGLAM” isn’t just about what you eat, it’s what you put on your skin! Get ready to add some natural ingredients into your makeup bag!

Lamination is for the nation and there’s no going back. 

Your brows will thank you later!

Home Lamination kits start from £60 and are available now at 

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